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At No-Limit Customs, our goal is to make your dream a reality!  Have you always wanted to drive that hero movie car?  You can be sure that what you see on screen will be replicated to the smallest detail.  Give us a call and we'll be as fanatic about your passion project as you are!

Jurassic World now in Theatres!

With Jurassic Park back in theatres and the 25th anniversary of the original 1993 film,  fan interest is at a all-time high.  Get your Jeep ready for that movie premiere or upcoming convention.


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Movie Cars

As a fan of all movies, being able to replicate what is shown on screen gives me great pride. Got a vehicle from a favorite movie? Let's discuss how we can make what you saw in a film to be the vehicle sitting in your driveway!


Knowledgeable Staff

From the moment you arrive with your vehicle to when you get the keys to your new movie car, we are there to ensure you have an enjoyable, painless experience. We have decades of experience, so don't be afraid to get your questions answered!


Restoring...Not Just Replicating

At No-Limit Customs we don't just repaint a vehicle to resemble what is on screen.  We also correct and refinish all aspects of the components back to factory original finishes and hardware.  We want your movie car to go from our shop to conventions and car shows.

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